5 Best Places To Visit Pu Luong

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  • May 28, 2019

  1. Kho Muong village

On the journey to the majestic Pu Luong peak, there is a very pristine and rustic valley called Kho Muong. This is one of the most difficult and highland villages of Thanh Son commune, Ba Thuoc district but has great potential for natural conditions and cultural traditions to develop community tourism.

Kho Muong is a valley located deep in the core zone of Pu Luong nature reserve, less affected by human impact, so it retains its inherent wild and poetic features. This is home to 60 Thai ethnic households, with 230 inhabitants. Kho Muong village is separated from other villages in the region, about 2km from Thanh Son Commune People’s Committee but the road to the village is not easy. The bumpy road is a challenge for “adventurers” who like to explore here.
Looking down from above, Kho Muong appeared with beautiful beauty, the houses on stilts located close to the foot of the mountain in the fields of rice, corn fields, and cassava. Surrounding the village is a vast green color of mountains and forests. All appear as a picture of the “first place”. People in the village mainly live by cultivating rice, corn, cassava … products made only for daily meals. Thanks to what nature has favored, people know how to invest in building spacious houses to welcome tourists to visit. Coming to Kho Muong, visitors can admire the natural scenery, experience, learn the culture and customs of the Thai ethnic people, immerse in the rustic life, enjoy the traditional dishes. rich in mountain and forest flavor such as: Com mam, banana flower mannequin, bitter soup, corn wine, palanquin and boiled duck meat …

2. Kho Muong Cave

Kho Muong Cave is one of the caves with attractive beauty in the population of caves discovered in Pu Luong Nature Reserve. The limestone stalactites formed about 250 million years ago made this cave. The cave has a connection with the underground river system with a length of about 2.5 km to the north and water from Kho Muong through Po village in Lung Cao commune. The system of rivers and streams flowing in the cave is a common feature of the Kart rocky areas, which creates a connection between the valley valleys by the flow of the streams. Kho Muong Cave is also home to many bat species, at least 4 species of bat inhabit this cave at different times of the year. Going deeper into the cave, visitors will be able to see and admire the rocks, stalactites with strange shapes such as human figures, trees, beasts … all of different colors, blurry, all appear extremely lively and unique. Entering a deep corner in the cave also has a very wide open field that looks like a natural volleyball court, this is one of the highlights of the bat cave.

 3.  Don  Village(Thanh Lam Commune)

Don Village , mainly Thai ethnic people, lives with 285 people (80 households). About 2 years ago, domestic and foreign tourists came to Don village more and more. Ban Don has a peaceful space, beautiful natural landscape, but also enjoy the specialties of indigenous people, such as: bamboo shoots, grass ducks, wild pigs, hill chickens, squash, and su su … especially the sincerity and hospitality of the local people.

4. Son Ba Muoi  High Land

Son Ba Muoi is the 3 upland villages of Lung Cao commune. It is about 130 km northwest of the city center and is considered a miniature Sa Pa by year-round temperate climate, the average temperature in the year is from 1822 degrees Celsius, sometimes winter has snow, Summer night temperatures are also very low.

Son – Ba – Ten is also known as Cao Son, located on the top of Pha He, Pha Chien mountain ranges, running parallel to the majestic Pu Luong – Cuc Phuong mountain circuit. Cao Son belongs to the core zone of Pu Luong Nature Reserve and is adjacent to Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong Nature Reserve of Hoa Binh.

In particular, Son – Ba – Mu is quite isolated from the outside, so far, there are many traditions of ancient Thai people, the stilt houses still retain the traditional imprints, expressing the specific characteristics not affected by those Modern architecture from outside doped.

5. Hieu Village
Ban Hieu is a Thai village located on the bank of the Huoc stream originating from the Pu Luong peak. The village consists of more than a hundred rooftops scattered along both sides of the stream. Every time there is a beautiful waterfall, the floor roofs are thicker, creating a waterfall scene – a beautiful house on stilts. Both streams and streams from the beginning of the village to the end of the village are only about kilometers but there are 5 waterfalls, every waterfall is beautiful and no waterfall is like a waterfall.