7 Places Not  To Miss In Pu Luong

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  • Jun 21, 2019

Pu Luong or Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a large area with many villages and in order to visit all these villages you need 5-7 days. In this post, I would recommend 7 places where you should not miss based on the positive comments of many tourists have come to Pu Luong. Hopefully these 7 places will help you have a successful and experienced in Pu Luong.

1. Water Wheels In Chieng Lau Village

About 5km from Canh Nang town, Chieng Lau village is the place where Thai Black people living, they live along streams with long-standing rice cultivation. To enter the village you have to cross the bridge: “Sanfrancisco Bridge”  it has just been built to help people here easily across, visit the water wheels is probably the first activity you should do when you come here, because they  are a symbol of Thai people and is a symbol of Pu Luong area as well. Before coming to the water wheels, you will see a lot of Fish farms as a type of fish live along the Ma River and there are many in Ca Than Stream, especially those fish farms are taken with water from the stream by water wheels. It is the great invention of the Thai ethnic people here, marking the development of our own agricultural literature.

Water Wheels In Chieng Lau Village

2. Watching Cham River by bamboo raft

A long time ago, Thai people have invented the bamboo raft to cross the river and gradually became an indispensable tool in their daily life. These rafts are made fully from bamboo.  By their skillful hands, they have made the rafts which associated with their life in many generations. They not only use bamboo raft for cross the rivers when the bridge have not built yet, but also use for transfer wood from the forest to their home and catching fish on the river. Nowadays, you can go to Cham River to experience bamboo rafting, see the bamboo forest and activities of local people.

bamboo rafting

Bamboo Rafting On Charm River

3. Valley of Uoi Village

As one of the most beautiful valleys in Pu Luong, if you go from Ban Don, from above, you look down on the beautiful as a picture with limestone mountains like limestone islands in Ha Long Bay, at the foot of the mountain is Ươi village with terraced fields winding, behind the village is a palm forest, the people here use palm leaves to roof the house, so when you enter the house of the Thai people here you feel very cool. In the middle is a stream for people to bathe daily, the water here is very cool and cool.

Uoi Valley From Above

Uoi Valley From Above

4. Lan Village

This village is located next to Uoi village, the majority of people still keep traditional brocade weaving but unlike other brocade weaving villages in Mai Chau, Sa Pa, people here weave brocade to serve people rather than for tourists. These products is collected from cotton trees and dyed with indigo. Almost the products are sold to the ethnic people around this area and rarely sell to tourist. Come here, you will see the Thai woman with their skillful hands creating the unique and colorful products.

Visit Handicraft Village

Visit Handicraft Village

5. Waterfall Hiêu

It is undeniable that Hieu Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Pu Luong, That This is located in Ban Hieu, Co Lung, about 2km long waterfall from the main road to the foot of the mountain, if you come here, you should go along the waterfall to feel the beauty of nature, the more you go, the more beautiful the landscape here is because of the terraced fields created by the hands and minds of the people here, when you reach the top of the waterfall you should stop at the Hatchery farm to see the Hiêu colonies and take souvenir photos.

visit Hieu Waterfall

visit Hieu Waterfall

6. Heavenly Son Ba Muoi Gate

To reach the heaven gate you have to go through the pass which is mentioned as the most steeps and craggy mountain pass in Vietnam, but when you pass it, you will see the whole vast Pu Luong. Now, how much trouble and frustration of daily life you throw down here. After this trip you will be completely different to become more energetic and happier.

Motorbike tour in Pu Luong

Visit haven Gate By Motorbike

7. Bat Cave in Chieng Lau Village

Is a cave in Chieng Lau village – is a point you should explore by its wild character. Chieng Lau is a village located in a valley which is surrounded by limestone mountains. This version has no impact by outside life. To go here you have to walk or ride a motorbike but the road is very steep, where you should send a motorbike at the house of people walking to take pictures of Bat Cave, terraced fields and people here. Here people also serve Thai dishes you can book in the homestay before visiting.

Visit Bat Cave In Chieng Lau Village

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