Best Time to Travel To vietnam

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam  Vietnam includes tropical climate, so here north to south climate varies as per the weather? And this country is 1000 miles long. If you are planning to visit Vietnam, then you should visit March to April, this is typically the best time to travel or visit the country smoothly. During this time people found days are pleasant, rainfall is light, and temperatures are moderate.  Here, during monsoons, if you visit, heavy rain will found and several places are flossing during this time. And during summer, people find here extreme heat and sticky weather. So, you can’t travel anyplace during summer and monsoons. 

We Guide you the best time to travel to Vietnam in different regions as below: 

North Vietnam (Sapa, Hanoi and Halong Bay)

In the North, from December to February, you will find dry cold winters. During the night, the temperature falls at 4-degree center grade. And summer is from May to August. During summer, the North becomes hot and humid. The best time to visit North Vietnam is spring, the time between March to April and autumn, September to November. If you visit this time, you will find warm and sunny days and comfortable weather.

Sa Pa weather in Spring

Sa Pa weather in Spring is the best time to travel Vietnam

Time to visit Central Vietnam (Hue, Hoi An)

During the wet season, in central Vietnam is often typhoons and battered occurred. So, it’s quite difficult to say at which time heavy wind and storm hits in this coastal area like Hoi An. But from August to November these typhoon season run here. During February you will find here the Rainy season. During this time, the temperature will high and sunshine. If you are planning to visit the Central part, visit within February to August, and here during this time, temperature around 30 degrees and weather is ok!

Hoi An weather in Summer Time

Hoi An weather in Summer Time

Best time to travel or visit South Vietnam (Ho Chi City, Mekong Delta)

This is the place where the whole year weather is pleasant and good for travel anytime. From December to May, the dry season always runs and from June to November, Rainy season will run. During the rainy season, heavy rain sometimes may occur flood but it’s not always happening here. But Monsoon is the best time for photography. You will see here during this time, Vibrant emerald green which is perfect for photography. It’s always better to avoid March to May, temperature rise up to 40 degrees.

visit Mekong Delta in December

Visit Mekong Delta in September best time to travel Vietnam

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