How much cash do I need to take with?

According to my experience, you can take 50 USD/1.000.000 VND/day with you for private spending on the road. You can also easy to withdraw money at ATM which is very popular in Vietnam.

How can I book tour/pay?

You just need to email us, we will reply in about 8 hours to confirm your services. If the tour relate to local service, we will reply in 24 hours. You will pay 50% when tour start by cash and 50% when tour finish.

Travel with chidren

Is Viet Nam Eco Tours intended for chidren? We provide many tours for family but the limit age at least 7 for easy tour in Pu Luong, from 10 for long day tours.


The staffs of Eco Tour are all very professional and trusted by us through many years demonstrate competence with many groups of tourist. For long trekking tour, we have porter to carry your luggage, at least 1 tourist has a porter and depend on big or small group, there is 1 or 2 more chefs.

Tip information

Is the TIP popular in Vietnam? The answer is yes. When you meet local guide, you can ask them to TIP for restaurant, driver and local tour guide. Depend on good or excellence service you should leave some TIP to driver and tour guide when tour finish.

Can we book triple room, twin room or double room?

Depend on the tour you book, we will arrange base on your requirements, but if the accommodation is homestay, you will share dorm room with the others. When you book tour, if you request we will arrange for you.


We often use many type of accommodation from homestay to 2-3 star hotel to ensure the comfortable and more native. For tours to Ha Giang, we use homestays, in Pu Luong we use bungalows and in Ha Long we use small boats from 5-10 rooms.

Can I charge my camera battery during my trip?

In Vietnam, electricity is everywhere so you can charge anywhere, the voltage in Vietnam is 220V, may be you should bring a spare battery.

Before starting

You should divide your luggage into two. First, you should bring 1 luggage with very necessary things for your trip. For trekking tours to Ha Giang, Mu Cang Chai, Bac Ha we have staff who will carry your luggage therefore please use soft burlap bag big enough to package all you need. Second, you should bring a kit-bag big enough to carry camera,water-resistant coat, bottle of water, for trekking tour 3 litters of water per day is enough.