How To Get Pu Luong From Ninh Binh

Pu Luong is about 150km from Ninh Binh but it is not easy to get there because there is no car going straight . Here I am writing to recommend some of the ways to get to Pu Luong Nature Reserve.

Option 1: By Private Car

First of all, the best way you should take consideration into is to book a private car. Although the costs is quite more expensive than other means of transport at around $ 95 / car,  you may feel much more comfortable along with flexible transition time that you can make request on your need. 

Ninh Binh To Pu Luong By Private Car


Ninh Binh To Pu Luong By Private Car

Option 2:  By Local Bus

If you desire to freely explore all the landscape as well as local activities on the route,  Our Limousine Bus seems to be the second suitable option. Several buses from Ninh Binh to Thanh Hoa are named as Sao Nghe Limousine, An Phu Quy …  which you can catch at Ninh Binh station. After about 2 hours, the bus will drop you off at bus station to the west of Thanh Hoa, from this you then continue to catch Manh Tan bus to Pu Luong with departure time at 5am , 8h, 10h, 12h, 2h, 4h45. The bus moves next more 3 hours before getting stop at Canh Nang town where you get off and take a taxi (like Eco Cab taxi) or motorbike taxi of local people for 20 minutes to arrive at your homestay. 

Ninh Binh To Pu Luong By Local Bus

Ninh Binh day  trip To Pu Luong By Local Bus

Option 3: By Motorbike

Last but not least, motorbike is the first priority for those who love adventuring. You can hire motorbike and follow the route of Ninh Binh -> Nho Quan district -> Ho Chi Minh trail -> Cam Thuy district (you can stop here for lunch at Hong Phuong Restaurant) -> Canh Nang town and finally come to your homestay.
For more information, please contact me for more details:

Get To Pu Luong By Motorbikes

Ninh Binh day trip To Pu Luong By Motorbike