Na Hang Nature Reserve

As a Conservation of Wildlife and Fauna in Lam Binh, Na Hang District, Tuyen Quang province in Vietnam, 260km from Hanoi, you can go here by car. Na Hang is very famous for a whole bunch of tourist attractions in the heart of Na Hang Hydropower Lake such as: Khuoi Nhi Waterfall, Coc Vai Stone, Pac Ta Temple, Pac Ban Waterfall, 99 Mountains Area, Mo Waterfall and community of ethnic people living here rich in their cultural traditions. This place possesses extremely breathtaking scenery with majestic limestone mountain or fanciful and sparkling cave systems known as “Ha Long on the mountain”.


Na Hang Nature Reverse covers itself a mountainous climate with daytime temperatures ranging from 20-32 degrees in the summer whereas the winter is very cold, the temperature can drop below 10 degrees. This wintry feeling becomes more distinctly if you go in the lake bed. Besides, depending on the location of your destination, there are high points like the villages in Thuong Lam Commune which are colder than the lower Na Hang. Thus it is advisable to check the weather forecast in advance and prepare a full warm coat for a good trip. However, there are times when the weather also changes slightly in the rainy season from July or August, the temperature at night can be a bit chilly, which is relevant to wear a thin coat. The best time to visit the Reserve is from February to April when the weather is nice and sunny.

The Weather In July

The Na Hang weather in JuLy


Na Hang has hilly terrain with an altitude of 300m or more above sea level. The low mountainous one is the residence of the Tay ethnic group, they live along the foothills and the hydropower lake bed with main work as agriculture. The alpine terrain is covered with tropical forests protected strictly. Especially, you can experience the sublimity of these upon visiting 99 Mountain area where various mountains are rolling, undulating and stretching like endless, one behind the other. Due to the mountainous terrain and being divided by the Na Hang Hydropower reservoir bed, the main means to trade back and forth is motorboat and motorbike.

Na Hang's mountainous terrain, forests

Vietnam’s mountainous terrain, forests


Flora and fauna system

As one of the places in Vietnam that has a rare flora and fauna system in the Red Book of Vietnam that needs to be preserved by the whole community, it is recorded here that there are more than 200 species of birds, nearly 100 types of animals, 30 types of amphibians and over 60 types of reptiles. Especially, the snub-nosed langur is very precious. As you know, langur in Vietnam is being preserved in Cat Ba, Cuc Phuong, Van Long and some other places. To get the chance to view these animals, you can work with the forest rangers who can guide you into the forest and find the right spot where this species lives. There are also primates and maids that are protected here as well. When you come here, spread love for animals, do not buy, sell or eat these animals. The special thing other than other places is that at present, Na Hang Nature Reserve still keeps more than 70% of the primary forest without being affected by humans or with little impact. In the currently rampant deforestation situation, this is a suggested ideally destination.

The wildlife of Nahang

The wildlife of  Nahang

The way to transfer

If you go by private car, you can follow Highway 2 with direction of Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc. On arrival at Ham Yen, there is signpost turning right in the direction of Chiem Hoa. The road is very easy without any obstacles, only the last 50km is zigzag and winding. The second way is to catch Bao Yen bus from My Dinh Bus Station, they have the earliest trip at 7:30 am to Na Hang town around 12:30. After lunchtime right next to the bus station, there is a bus from Na Hang town to Lam Binh at 2pm and it takes about 1 hour to the homestay in Lam Binh. Phone number for booking Bao Yen car ticket is 0974.096.333 – 0974.095.333. Besides the selection of the bus from Na Hang to Lam Binh, you can go to Boat Station about 3km away from Na Hang Bus Station, get on a boat to visit Khuoi Nhi Waterfall, Coc Vai Stone and go to Homestay in Lam Binh. You can book the boat in front of the boat houses with the cost up to the number of people to get on the boat. In case your group includes 1 or 2 people, the cost is slightly expensive of over 2 million/trip, the more people you pair, the cheaper the price is. I suggest Ngon Phuong boat house: 0374456432.

Bao Yen Transfer Service

Bao Yen Transfer Service

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