Planning a trip to vietnam

If you looking to plan a tour then this is the best time for it. You can plan a trip to Vietnam anytime but the question is how to start? Vietnam does not include only crazy motorbike driving and beautiful seen but it also ready to offer you lots.  With a landscape that’s insanely varied, you can be cruising on a mountain top, sliding down some sand dunes, or relaxing by a beach along the coastline.

Here are some useful tips for traveling Vietnam

Visas in Vietnam: What You Need to Know

If you compare with other countries in Southeast Asia, Always consult with the proper Government agencies before travel. Vietnam always changes its policies for travel purposes. During 2019, August, there are some countries for them, Planning a trip to Vietnam

is offering free visas. But if you want to stay here longer, then you will have to apply for a visa beforehand.

If you require to apply for a visa on arrival, you will need at least three days to do so. There are several companies that offer this service. They will charge $21 for doing everything. And if you do it at the airport, you have to pay $25Please take note that the visa on arrival doesn’twork at land crossings, only in International airports. If you want to cross the land, then you will need to apply for a visa through the Vietnamese embassy.

Insider Tip: We’ve heard good things about the service of Vietnam-Visa so if you are looking for a reputable company to help you arrange your visa, you should check them out. They even have rushed visa services incise you need your visa processed faster.

Travel Insurance is recommended

This is not necessary but we always recommend doing travel insurance before visiting the country. There are lots of people who love to travel to Vietnam through motorbike, if you are also interested in this, then travel insurance is always better. If you are looking for a travel insurance company, you should try World Nomads. They offer to all travelers different types of insurance packages and you may choose any package as per your need and requirement.

Where to Go in Vietnam – Popular Routes and What to See

Southern Vietnam

In Vietnam, the southern part is a very diverse area. Here, you will find your first destination called Saigon. If you’re not a city person, around the area you can check out the Mekong Delta for a tour of the river which spans out across three countries. You can make a short tour to Ho Chi Minh City and if you want to explore more, then you should visit can Tho, this is a bustling town in the middle of the Delta.

If rivers and houseboats aren’t your things, you can hit the beach and explore the coastal areas and islands. There are two places like Con Dao and Phu Quoc where are the nice gateway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

You will find at the North, Mui Ne and Nha Trang is the two popular coastal towns which are very popular among the travelers. In Mui Ne, you can enjoy the peculiar sand dunes or try your luck at kitesurfing. Dalat, located in the central highlands is a place that we recommend visiting for adrenaline and adventure lovers. They have numerous activities there but canyoning is by far one of the most general activities.

Imagine yourself swinging through canyons, jumping down waterfalls, as you traverse, and make your way down this lush canyon! Highly recommended. If you love a party, then you should try Nha Trang, this is one of the best places where you will find lots of beachside bars. you can also select Pu Luong Trekking Tour 5 days 4 nights we tell you in brief Best Things to do on Viet Nam.

Visit Nha Trang Fish Farm Village

Planning a trip Travel to Vietnam Visit Nha Trang Fish Farm Village

Visit Central Vietnam

After you’ve enjoyed your time along the coast, continue heading up Central Vietnam where you can enjoy the historical town of Hoi An, Danang, and Hue. Hoi An is one of my favorite towns in Vietnam. There is something about its quaint cobblestone streets, quiet beaches, and fantastic markets. You can travel to Hoi An and here you can taste delicious Banh Mi sandwich, this is just awesome. It is delicious and you should try it fast.

In Danang, you will find the popular Marble Mountains or the My Son temples located a little bit out of town. Apart from these attractions, Danang also has a nice beach which is worth visiting. For motorbike enthusiasts, don’t miss out on driving up the Hai Van Pass, otherwise known as the sea of clouds pass.

This striking road will give you uninhibited views of the city and the South China Sea. Hue, on the other hand, is an important city which is rich in history and culture. The 19th-century citadel enclosed by a moat is perfect for history lovers and enthusiasts.

Must Visit Hoi An Ancient Town

In Planning a trip to Vietnam Must-Visit Hoi An Ancient Town

Northern Vietnam

If you love nature then for you, Northern Vietnam is the best option. Here, you will be able to find several limestone karsts, scenic roads, and the yet cultural city of Hanoi. A short trip in this city is worthwhile. Apart from seeing the sights of the city, a trip to eat Hanoi’s famed “Bun Cha Hanoi” is highly recommended. In fact, President Obama even graced the humble eatery with his presence accompanied by foodie chef, Anthony Bourdain.

For those of you that don’t know, Bun Cha is a meal comprised of noodles, grilled meats, and a sweet and sour soup-like sauce. Words cannot even begin to label this meal as it is by far one of my favorite Vietnamese fares. Head over to Bun Cha Huong Lien to get a reliable taste of this delightful meal. Apart from food tripping in Hanoi, head on over to Ninh Binh to see the eccentric limestone karst formations.

Personally, I think Halong Bay is flattering much overvalued. For similar sceneries, Ninh Binh is the inland complement of Halong Bay except it is less touristy and less polluted. Sadly, the quantity of tourism floating down Halong bay has initiated the waters to be polluted which was a big discontent to me.

If you want to avoid the crowd but want to spend some quality time with your loved one in the beach area, then you should choose Cat Ba Island here. From there, you can kayak around the limestone karsts and travel the island’s caves and beaches. From there, you can endure heading up North, seeing the mountain rice area of Yen Bai, Sapa, and Ha Giang. You can also check different types of hill tribe villages and you may visit.

Discover Ha Giang Platou

In Planning a trip to Vietnam Discover Ha Giang Loop

Details around Vietnam

In Vietnam, you will easily find public transportation and they are very convenient. If you love adventure, then you should hire a motorbike for that and travel around. You can buy a motorbike in the Ho Chi Minh or in Hanoi city travel within the country and then sell at the end of your trip. Here, you can get a bike at a reasonable price.

Alternatively, you can also buy an open bus ticket, getting on and off at all the main tourist hotspots. This is what I did and it was very easy and convenient.

Search for a reputable company, make sure you are getting the exact open bus ticket that you need (you choose based on the destinations) and off you go. If you are traveling during peak season, all you have to do is to call a number, asking them to reserve a seat for when you want to leave. There are several tourists’ agencies available who help in this regard to you.

Travel from north to south by Motorbike in Vietnam

Planning a trip to Vietnam to Travel from north to south by Motorbike

For Travellers – Basic Vietnamese Phrases

Before start traveling, people should know some basic things very clearly. Some of the important things are whether that place gives me proper food or beer? Well, this is very crucial to know. For your help, I am giving you some important information regarding Vietnam travel. So, during travel whenever you need some food, you will find my advice and you can communicate with them very free.

Hello: Xin chào

Goodbye: Tạm biệt

Thank you: Cám ơn

Nothing too spicy, please:  Lam on moi thu khong qua cay

Delicious:  ngon!

How much?  Bao nhieu?

Do you have a cheaper price?  Ban co gia nao re hon khong?

Planning a trip to Vietnam – Practise Vietnamese before the trip

Calculate a budget for traveling Vietnam

Vietnam travel can be done at a very cheap rate if you calculate your budget very carefully. Within a day you have to spend $20 to $30 depending on your travel style. Now, if you want to cut your budget, then you can choose hostels where per night you need $6 approx. whereas if you choose a private room, per night requires $11 to $15. Beer can get within $1 it is very cheap here. And for meals, you can choose any food around $2 per plate.

If you are looking for western food in a restaurant then you have to pay a little more.  You have to pay around $7 to $10 approx. If you have a tight budget, then you have to make a tour plan. Don’t haggle with Vietnamese. They can charge you an extra 2-3% more if you haggle with them.  Before start, just make a rough idea and then proceed.

Vietnam is one of the best countries which offer beautiful natural beauty and historic beauty. It is definitely a country worth seeing and exploring. Once you explore the city, you will feel happy.

Know Your Dong From USD

Planning a trip to Vietnam Know Your Dong From USD

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