Pu Luong Adventure Tour

Pu Luong Adventure tour has been made for people who like more in less. Vietnam though being a small country has a lot to see so The beauty of it cannot be fully experienced in 2 days. However, we try to put it best to give you a glimpse at the life of Thai people. This is a 2-day tour but has a lot in store. This trekking tour to Pu Luong is done by car so that you have more time to see places and We do a combination of hiking and driving to maximize your time.

We take all the care possible in trying to give you a full experience. This tour is just 2 days and can, therefore, seem like a rush. However, we make sure that on this trekking adventure tour to Pu Luong you do not miss out on anything. From the vast rice fields to the dense forests we cover it all. We also make sure that you see Vietnam through the eyes of local people and We arrange locally cooked food and homestay for an authentic experience.

Pick-up points: Ninh Bình, Hà Nội, Hạ Long, Mai Châu, Sa Pa

You will need: Trekking boots/shoes, raincoat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent


– Contemplate rice terraces in Eo Ken village.

– Visit Bat Cave in Kho Muong village

– Visit bamboo forests, waterwheels in Chiềng Lau-Tiến Mới village.

Full itinerary:

Day 1: Explore Eo Ken Village in Pu Luong adventure tour

On this day, you will trek for about 2 hours to explore Pu Luong and the first thing you may capture is traditional stilt houses in the village with Cọ tree is a popular material building in Pu Luong and their leaves are trustworthily used as stilt roof. In this house structure, you have to climb the wooden stairs to get to the main floor and the hosts always show their hospitable welcome, treat you with good tea, and nice talk. Though they quite isolate from outside life, you still get a feel of their free spirit, friendliness, and sense of humor.

Eo ken Village Pu luong

Stop on the way to Eo Ken Village to meet the old Lady

Day 2: Get to know about Black Thai culture

On this day, you will trek 17km and explore several villages and Their will be meals served by the locals and you can complete your curiosity about Thai people by talking with the host: Where did they come from? Why do they have such long life span? Why do they live in stilt houses?…

After 4-hour trek, your lunch is served by a Thai family with a local-style dishes and unforgettable home-made wine.

In the afternoon, you will explore Bat Cave, a spectacular cave with pristine stalagmites. Afterward, you will be transferred to your overnight homestay.

Tour Guide introduces about handicrafts – Pu Luong adventure tour

Day 3: Visit bamboo forests and waterwheels

Here you are with the most stunning invention of Thai people: Waterwheels. As you know, these huge wheels provide water for rice terraces and It is made of just 2 materials: wood and bamboo but the process requires a lots. There are 2-4 skilled craftsmen working for a week or more. They have to calculate the balance between the bamboo tubes to make sure that when the water push the wheel, it will get water. Beside, the fish farm would also be an attractive spot here.

Continue the trip by following the small paths in bamboo forest, enjoy the tranquil setting of wild nature. Through the forest, we head towards picturesque villages. Bridge, roofs, people,… all those things draw a peaceful and beautiful life, the life may just have in a world 200 years ago.

Chieng Lau Village

Stop to take a photo of water wheels in Pu Luong adventure tour

What’s Included in Pu Luong adventure tour:

  • Tour Guide
  • Transfer
  • Homestay
  • 2 bottle of water/person/day
  • All meals in the program

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Feel free to call us for any queries related to the trip. We make sure we provide you with nothing but the best. Give us a call before your trip and we will do the rest. You will be served with nothing but the best Adventure tour in Pu Luong.