Pu Luong Nature Reserve

If you are going to Planning a trip to Vietnam. That is a great idea there are many beautiful Places to Visit in Vietnam. Pu Luong is one of these places because of Weather in Pu Luong. Pu Luong is known as Pu Luong Nature Reserve was found in 1999 to take very stringent protection of valuable and rare flora and fauna species and rehabilitate the ecosystems on the area of over 17.000 hectares. This is one of the remaining Nature Reserve in Vietnam which has fresh air and endless mountain, it is very suitable for tourists who wants to discover cultural experience, people, nature…

Especially for who love climbing and camping on the top of Pu Luong mountain over 1.700 meters above the sea or trekking through the local villages such as KhoMuong, Ban Uoi, Ban Don, Ban Hieu, Ban Lan, sleeping in the local family homestay, taste traditional foods of local black Thai people, taking part in a music show, drinking bamboo straw wine…

The features of Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Pu Luong is the residence place of Black Thai ethnic who still retain their variety of traditional culture such as houses on stilt will bring you a feeling of reliving in the pristine era of human.

Pu Luong is encompassed by the Mai Chau tourism area to the north, Ngoc Son- Ngo Luong Nature Reserve to the west where it takes about 40 minutes walking through the jungle from Hieu Village to reach Mu waterfall in Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province which famous for beautiful pristine landscape. Besides, It is about 35km from Pu Luong to Cuc Phuong National Park where has a variety of species of plants and animals, for example, monkey, bear, squirrel, deer,…. Especially, tourists can see people keep langurs to protect them and after training, they will be naturally returned.

According to local people, Pu Luong means the biggest mountain, since the French colonial period, the French army came and have built an airport to cut food aid route between Laos and Vietnam. Nowadays, when climbing to the top of a mountain, you can see the remnants of this airport.

The Customers are visitting the centre of Pu Luong Retreat

The Customers are visiting the center of Pu Luong Retreat tour

How do you get to Pu Luong Nature Reserve

If you love jungle and nature, congratulation! You come to the right place. With 2-hour trekking program which is designed for those who have only 2 days in PuLuong, you will take an opportunity to enter the jungle where has a lot of big valuable trees, see the bamboo forest and lush palm forest, visit a local family to enjoy local dried tea, drink some local rice wine which is made from rice mix with any kinds of herbal from the forest while talking to Thai people and listen to them talk about their life will give you unforgettable memories about your trip.

If you want to take this tour, please call us to book now or contact us for more information, we will arrange the most enthusiastic tour guide in order to bring you the best experiences in Pu Luong.

Learn How to raise Deers

Learn How to raise Deers Nature reserve tour

The distance from Pu Luong to the cities

  • It is about 155km from Ha Noi to Pu Luong: start from Ha Noi go to Hoa Binh city then arrive Lo market, Tan Lac district, turn left at Lo Market, keep going about 20km on winding road to reach Son Ba Muoi village were as known as “heaven gate”. From “heaven gate” you can see the panorama landscape of Pu Luong.
  • It is about 178km from Ha Noi to Pu Luong: go along Ho Chi Minh high way to Cam Thuy district then turn right on the road to Na Meo border gate. It takes 4.5 hours by car.
  • How far is it from Thanh Hoa city to Pu Luong? It is about 130km, crossing Ho Chi Minh high way – ThoXuan airport – road No 15c.
  • It is about 2 hour fly from Ho Chi Minh city to ThoXuan airport then take a local bus or private taxi to Pu Luong (about 2 hours). It is even faster from Ho Chi Minh city to Pu Luong than Ha Noi.

The road to Pu Luong

The road to Pu Luong Nature reserve tour

The Bus To Pu Luong

At the present, Hoang Phuong bus has 4-5 buses start from Yen Nghia and  Giap Bat bus stations every day, after 4 hours when you reach Canh Nang town, you can take a motorbike or taxi about 12km to arrive Pu Luong. The price for motorbike is 150,000 VND/person and the taxi is 250,000/car.

From Thanh Hoa city, you can take Manh Tan bus at Phia Tay bus station, they have many buses from 5 a.m to 4:45 p.m. The price is about 80,000 VND/person.

From Ho Chi Minh city, after flying to ThoXuan airport, you can take Manh Tan bus or taxi to go to Pu Luong, the price for a taxi is 900,000 VND/car

Pu Luong Local Bus

Local Bus to Pu Luong Nature reserve tour

The Weather In Pu Luong

In the summer, the weather in Pu Luong is a little bit hot during the day due to influence of hot and dry westerly wind (from Laos to Vietnam, and it is only about 130km from Na Meo border gate to PuLuong) but from 4 p.m, it is cooler and reduces 4-5 Celsius degree at night, therefore, it is very comfortable.

In the winter, from November to February, it is cold sometimes under 7 Celsius degree but this is a good chance for a biker to take photos of a cloud.

The weather in Pu Luong is quiet cool in March, April, August, and September, that is the best time in the year, the average temperature is from 18 to 27 degrees. You should come here this time because this is also the rice harvest season.

Rainbow in The Summer Weather

The Weather with a rainbow in summertime landscape of Pu Luong


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