Pu Luong Transfer Service

Pu Luong Transfer Service was born with the aim of help customers travel easier. Currently, several ways of transition to Pu Luong are opposed to guests as a selection. For many years of traveling in Pu Luong, we found that traditional kind of local bus results in more disadvantages for travelers, namely unstable time frame, long transition time with many dirty stops for rest on the way and rather an inconvenient seat particularly in peak occasions like holidays with full of people, poor facility and comforts, drop the guest off at the destination far from the hotel in the center of Pu Luong from which guests must catch more other means to arrive at Pu Luong leading to more cost, etc.

On the recent trend, a range of new types of transition has appeared to satisfy every needs of travelers to Pu Luong. you can read some more articles related to Pu Luong Tour: Mai Chau Pu Luong One Day Tour, Pu Luong Hiking Tour, How To Get Pu Luong From Ninh Binh, Pu Luong Adventure Tour we hope you like.

The most popular ones that the majority of travelers select are Limousine or Shuttle bus

For Limousine, Shuttle bus or minivan, there are pick-up points including Hanoi Old Quarter, Ninh Binh, Mai Chau. These relatively complete with almost amenities that enable guests to stay convenient for the journey, for example, air-condition, soft seat with comfortable position for legs.  On the way to Pu Luong, the driver will stop for a rest at a good place where you have a chance to take a rest, make use of the luxury restroom, enjoy beverages like tea, coffee, beer or small snack, etc.

The only thing you have to do is just to tell us your hotel address,  the remaining is our duty, our team will contact you at the soonest to confirm the information. The pick-up time is at around 7:30 to 8:00 am and transition duration is approximately four and a half hours.

Pu Luong Transfer Service

Shuttle Bus With A/C, Reclines and Spacious seats best traveling services in Pu Luong

Private car to Pu Luong is the best choice of Pu Luong transfer service

For better service, we also provide private cars with variety from 7 to 29 seats to satisfy the diversified needs of all guests. By this mean, you will take experience in private time with comfortable seats, stop at any points on the way to take several photos beyond the nice scenery, especially you can totally control your own time suitable to your schedule and itinerary.

In addition, a private car can pick you up at any places at your request with a much faster time of the transition duration than other vehicles.

Transfer Service in Pu Luong

The interior design of limousine traveling services in Pu Luong

Local bus to Pu Luong transfer service is for those who want to discover local life 

If you want to use the local bus, we recommend a popular one called ”Hoang Phuong Bus” at Yen Nghia bus station. That local people often select thanks to its rather simple quality and service as well as the low cost.

This kind of bus has 2 floors with about 30 beds that allows you to take a small sleep during the transition. It will leave Yen Nghia Station in Ha Noi at around 10:30 am to 11:00 am and arrive at Pu Luong at nearly 3:00 pm. Then it will drop you off in Tom Village (Shrimp Village), about 7 kilometers far from the center of Pu Luong where you can catch a motorbike or taxi to reach the last route in Pu Luong.

For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact the number +84 357 004 668 (Mr. Thang, Manager). or send Message to Pu Luong Transfer Service Team by WhatsApp and We always commit to serving all our guests at our best with good service and we will refund 100% in case any satisfaction comes to you.

Hoang Phuong Bus to Pu Luong

Transfer To Pu Luong By Hoang Phuong Bus

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