Things To Do In Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and it is a vibrant city! If you Planning a trip to Vietnam Then Hanoi is the best place to visit. It is one of the popular cities in Asia. Vietnam is transforming rapidly but if you are looking for his historic beauty, then you should visit Hanoi!

Here, you will find to see all the gorgeous architecture from the colonial period and clutch of museums that will make you stunned. You can also visit here Pagodas, this is traditional Vietnamese monuments. If you like to do photography, this place is ideal for you.

Hanoi is also a favorite place for food lovers. Here, you will be able to taste some delicious noodle recipes and tasty sandwiches like Banh Mi. Here you will also able to watch different lakes and past lush parks and places.

If you are at Hanoi, here are the following things you can do…

First Things To Do In Hanoi Vietnam Must-Visit Hoa Lo Prison 

If you visit this place, it will be your moving experience, and this old internment facility used to be dubbed in the Hanoi Hilton. During the Vietnam War, this prison was used for house prisoners of war from the US.  Here, you will find a gallery where all the details are showing. During the Vietnam War when people were struggling for independence until 1950!

Some of the grisly pieces on show here include a French guillotine that the colonialists used to execute Vietnamese activists. You will also find memorabilia related to American pilots who were incarcerated during the Vietnam War.

visitting Hoa Lo Prison

visiting Hoa Lo Prison

In Hanoi Vietnam Must taste sandwich at Banh Mi 25

If you want to taste a delicious and tasty sandwich, you may prefer Banh Mi. This is one of the best sandwiches in the world. This sandwich is a mix of French elements from Vietnam’s colonial past as well as delicious local ingredients. You will be able to get soft French baguette which includes topped and pate coriander, chilies, and carrot. Its ingredients make this product more delicious and Banh Mi 25 is very popular here.

Taste Banh My Ha Noi In Hanoi Vietnam

Taste Banh My Ha Noi

Best Things To Do In Hanoi Vietnam Visit museum of Ethnology

This is one of the best museums in Vietnam. This museum contains a huge collection of different items that are related to ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Here, you will be able to watch different galleries of tribal art, handicrafts, and artifacts. In this museum, you will also find their traditional village houses.  Some excellent signage in a variety of languages to fill you in on all the cultural and historical implications. 

The House of Ba Na Ethnic

The House of Ba Na Ethnic

Buy egg coffee from Giang cafe In Hanoi Vietnam

There are several people who may not realize that Hanoi is the best for egg coffee and they thought it is not very tasty. But the fact is, it is delicious. This coffee has exclusive tastes like egg yolks and eggnog are beaten with condensed milk until they are fluffy and thick. This is then poured over the top of a shot of traditional Vietnamese coffee and leaves you with a smooth but potent burst of caffeine. This is one of the best places in the city, where you will find delicious coffee.

Enjoy Egg Coffee In Dowtown

Enjoy Egg Coffee In Downtown

Next Things To Do In Hanoi Vietnam Do dinner at Cha Ca, Than Long

If you would like to take taste the best dinner within Vietnam, then you should choose Cha Ca Thang Long. You will find here the most delicious dishes. There is a Vietnam dish, fish with contains dill and turmeric, and make a delicious dish. Here, you will find cooked fish, herbs and paste fish, and others. This place includes lots of street food and restaurants for lunch and dinner. But this place is really awesome.

Taste Grilled Fish

Taste Grilled Fish with many seasoned dishes

Watch a live performance at Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

If you are at Hanoi, then you will find here live performance. You must watch the live performance here. Here you will find a theatre that features a waist-high pool of water that the puppeteer’s stand-in. They then operate puppets which are fixed to long bamboo canes and it looks as if they are dancing on the surface of the water. In this program, you will find the story of their local legends and farming stories as well.  And Vietnamese myths are very common. This kind of performance is said to have started in rural Vietnam when the rice fields flooded in the rainy season and locals would dance with the puppets on the water to entertain themselves.

Watch Water Papet Show In Hanoi Vietnam

Watch Water Puppet Show  

Stroll around the Imperial Citadel In Hanoi Vietnam

This is an important spot in Vietnam and most of the travelers visit this place. The Imperial Citadel in Hanoi used to be the seat of military power in Vietnam. It is UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can enjoy 1000 years of history here. One of the signature elements of the citadel is the archaeological treasures that were uncovered such as the foundations of ancient palaces. Here, you will be able to watch the military map and check data from the Vietnam War. You will be able to understand their cities history and find lots of information about the war.

Old Citadel In Ha Noi

Visit Old Citadel In Ha Noi

Next Things To Do In Hanoi Vietnam Try tasty noodles at Pho Bat Dan

Do you want to try Vietnam’s best noodle dish? If, yes, then you should choose pho noodles here. You can’t leave this city without taste this dish! This place is located in the Scenic Old Quarter of Hanoi. Pho Bat Dan is one of the popular spots for these noodles. You will probably spot the place from a mile away as there is usually a long line snaking out the door, which tells you everything you need to know about these toothsome noodles in the broth. These noodles include fresh herbs and chilies and also provide you superior quality soup.

Taste Ha Noi Noodle

Taste Ha Noi Noodle

Must visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum In Hanoi Vietnam

This is a pilgrimage spot for many Vietnamese and this entire complex is surrounded by a pretty garden. The complex is the home of the tomb of the founder of modern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. At the actual mausoleum, you will find a marble building that contains the embalmed remains of Ho Chi Minh which lie in a glass case.  In this museum, you will find here Vietnam’s history and you will find galleries, where you will find different art, pictures of their lives.

Outside Of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum In Hanoi Vietnam

Outside Of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Visit Long Bien Bridge In Hanoi Vietnam

This bridge built from 1899 to 1902. This bridge was designed by the architecture that came from Paris. This was the first bridge which has made through steel. It is one of the best travel points of Hanoi.  During the Vietnam War, this bridge was played an important role. If possible one must travel and visit this bridge. Try to visit in the evening. After walking on the bridge, you can go to the street food corner very easily.

Enjoy The Sunset At Long Bien Bridge In Hanoi Vietnam

Enjoy The Sunset At Long Bien Bridge

Next Things To Do In Hanoi VietnamVisit Admire Tran Quoc Pagoda

This is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Hanoi and this temple was built in the 6th century. There is a historic stele here which tells how the pagoda came to exist and dates from 1639 when the building was erected in the time of Emperor Ly Nam De. This temple is located on an island in the middle of West Lake but you will be able to access it via a small causeway. One of the best spots is a stupa that has 11 floors and this entire place covered with sparkling gemstones.

Tran Quoc Pogoda In The Afternoon

Tran Quoc Pagoda In The Afternoon

Last Things To Do In Hanoi Vietnam Visit the Temple of Literature

One of the best places in Hanoi is the Temple of Literature. The temple dates from 1070 and is part of a wider complex that includes the charmingly named Lake of Literature. Here, you will find stele doctors and you will also find here 82 carved blue stone turtles which they considered as a holy creature. If you are a writer or publisher, then you should pray in this temple to get a good result. Most of the tourists come and visit this place and enjoy its beauty. You can take pictures here and you don’t need to pay any entry fees for here.

The architecture Of Literature

The unique architecture Of Literature

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