Weather In Pu Luong

Several questions often come up to the traveler to  Pu Luong Vietnam, one of the most typical is that what is the best time to visit Pu Luong. It has recently emerged more popular for its spectacularly  Pu Luong Weather, natural landscapes with majestic terraced rice fields, and appealing cultural diversity. Not as crowded and busy as other famous places like Sapa or Ha Long, Pu Luong covers itself a quiet and picturesque beauty all year round. you can know what is The Best Time to Travel To Vietnam

But the ideal time of period you should enjoy falls in the middle of May and June or between September and October when you will have a chance to take a view of the yellow of ripe rice season throughout all the terrace fields. Do not worry for other times of the year,  you still take experience farmers’ activities on green terraced fields.

Located in the mountains of the northern Vietnamese province of Thanh Hoa, close to the Lao border, Pu Luong has a particular climate similar to mountainous provinces of the north of the country. It lies in the Pu Luong Nature Reverse, surrounds by a series of high mountains and dense forests, which results in Pu Luong with seasonal changing weather.

Summer Weather In Pu Luong

The summer suffers humid and hot weather, especially hot and dry westerly wind during the day due to bear much effect of a heatwave from the border of Lao until it turns to be cool and more convenient in the night. Despite normally being humid and dry, the climate is tempered by the prevalent cool temperatures of the lowland limestone mountains and many surrounding tropical forests together with scattered inhabitants. May to August is the time of the hottest and wettest months of the year, it has a tendency to rain in the mornings, but clears up in the afternoons. These squalls of rain help reduce partially muggy heat of the summer. checkout Vietnam tours from usa

The Weather In Pu Luong

The Terrace Rice Field In Summer Time


Hiking or trekking through prevail villages in Pu Luong in the summer seems to be a challenging experience for those in fond of adventure. The scorching temperatures can reach to a peak of over 30°C in high summer, which makes more energy of tourists lost. However,  the temperature is not always at maximum like that but fluctuates at the average level from 20 to 27°C and this is not definitely a big obstacle to be restricted to outdoor activities.

In addition to mountains and fields, Pu Luong Vietnam is also granted with other specialties, more concretely, deer waterfall or waterwheels in spring that allow tourists to take a dip into cool water to eliminate the heat after hiking or trekking. Summer nights turn to be more different from the day when it becomes pleasant and comfortable or even warm, as well, with the temperature dropping lower than 20°C,  hence the feeling of heat is no longer there.

Hiking Tour In Summer

Hiking Tour In Summer


Due to the effect of tropical forests and dry westerly wind, the summer often has rain in the mornings while the afternoon and the night becomes breezy and cool. Sometimes, the summer can arrive in Pu Luong as early as May and can last until September with the total precipitation up to approximately 2,000 mm or almost 70 percent of the total annual rainfall.

Autumn Weather In Pu Luong


Although the short time of the autumn only occurs between October and November, even the detection sign of this season at some times is invisible and can not be felt obviously, the climate is mild and comfortable enough for travelers to get an exciting trip. The common temperature experiences within 20 and 25°C but it can have a dramatic drop of around 15°C at night.

The Rice Field In Autum

The Terrace Rive Field In Autumn

Winter Weather In Pu Luong

The winter brings about chilly feeling and thick fog in early morning and late at night. From December to February are the coldest months with much harsh chill other than plain areas. Despite the mountainous region, the snow has rarely been witnessed in Pu Luong except for some typical occasions at the coldest of the top of Pu Luong Vietnam mountain.


In winter, it is extremely common for the sun to occur mid-morning in Sapa and for wet weather to arrive in the afternoon. Temperatures may go as low as 1°C during the night and there are instances when it can plummet to sub-zero with frost along the way.

With the temperatures  average around 8°C to 10°C during the nights and between 10°C and 15°C in the afternoons, this is still under the bearable threshold for travelers to go outside and enjoy the breathtaking natural landscape of the region. Even, some visitors with a high sustainable level are ready to jump into the swimming pool in the winter.

However, it is not advisable to try such activities because the temperature in some days may go down at the lowest of 5°C.


Along with cold weather in the winter in Pu Luong, fog becomes a common feature. The mountains and fields all around the region are covered by full of fog and frost in the morning and late-night which can be a restriction to find the way.


On visiting Pu Luong in winter, there is occasional small mizzle rain with rainfall at its highest averaging 10 mm and 100 mm of precipitation.

The Weather Of Pu Luong In Winter

The Water Wheels In Winter Time

Spring Weather In Pu Luong


The spring comes between March and May with the average temperature from 19°C to 24°C and gradually increases until it hits 26°C in the early summer. Some drizzle may occur in the early morning but the frequency is less than other seasons.

Whatever season to visit Pu Luong, you should bring joy and happiness in your trip. Furthermore, you should check the weather forecast before going to ensure a perfect journey beside of a lucky factor. We hope you like this article you can also learn How To Get Pu Luong From Ninh Binh

The Rice Field In Spring

The Rice Field In Winter

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