What To Eat In Pu Luong

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  • May 28, 2019

The dining in Pu Luong is quite simple, most of the delicious food in Pu Luong will be enjoyed immediately at your homestay. People will prepare all these dishes according to the number of your groups, the fish meat is presented with tray on the leaf tray (leaf leaf), served with rice or sticky rice. Pu Luong cuisine will bring the distinct characteristics of Thai cuisine with grilled dishes, items, and spices with many mountains and flavors.

Grilled pork
Pigs of hay or armpit pigs are special pets of Muong people. In order to maintain the sweetness of the meat, wash the pig before removing the organ, then the meat does not wash again with water. The meat is mixed into pieces, with the same heart, and steamed on the firewood stove, the bones are cooked with banana peels. Only bacon meat, marinated onion, fish sauce and wrapped grapefruit leaves outside, clamped on bamboo stick baked on embers. Grapefruit leaves thrust into the flesh, under the heat of coal, golden hunted meat, scent. Thinly sliced, sliced ​​pork meat on a fresh green banana leaf. When eating, dot with roasted salt and small roasted kernels.

Chicken is naturally released by farmers, running freely and eating rice so the chicken at Pu Luong will be very fragrant and sweet. This kind of chicken is boiled and eaten when it’s hot, the dots and the spices of the locals are delicious. In addition, with the way of marinating traditional Thai spices, grilled chicken dishes will leave an impression for any of you to Pu Luong.

Co Lung Duck

The attraction of this breed is small, lean, lean bones. The ducks here are raised in streams and natural feeding in the water flowing from the rocky mountains, so the meat tastes delicious and near and far.