Pu Luong Motorbike Rental Service

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  • Oct 02, 2019

Pu Luong where have many beautiful road lead to villages and in order to visit as much places as possible in 2 to 3 days then motorbike is a reasonable choice. Over the past time, we have served motorbike for many tourists in Pu Luong and help them had amazing experiences, therefore we would like to share some information about our service to you. Hopefully, you will get the useful information to have the best experiences. The biggest advantages of Pu luong is the road which less vehicle, people, nice landscape, many route to choose.

The roads for motorbike

There are many roads to choose and we will disclose the most beautiful roads, nice landscape so that you can choose. These roads are highly recommended by our tourists.

No 1: Hieu Village-Son, Ba, Muoi Village

This road is a bit sinuous and zigzag with Eo Mao slope – one of the highest slope in Vietnam. When reach the top, you can see whole Pu Luong panorama. There is only this road to go to Son, Ba, Muoi village so the higher you reach, the more fresh air you feel with the beautiful landscape of mountains and forests (these villages are about 1200m above the sea) and the villagers living scatter along 2 road sides, they are all very friendly and you can come in their home to drink tea and talk to them.

No 2: Hieu Village-Cao Hoong Village-Kit Village

This is the road of “rice field” because you will see the endless rice field which is the largest rice field in Pu Luong. Going deep inside the village you will feel like get lost in the deserted area of a jungle. There are 2 group of minority are living here Thai and Moi. These 2 groups have different language, culture and custom from each other. The more going deep, you will be take part in an adventure of zigzag road- an amazing feeling. You can stop for lunch at local family in these villages.

No 3: Hieu Village-Tien Moi Village-Chieng Lau Village-Uoi Village-Kho Muong Village.

This is one of the roads our guests like most because you can visit some famous places such as water wheels in Chieng Lau, Bat cave in Kho Muong, going through the bamboo forest in Tien Moi. This road is a bit hard and it is about 30km. You can stop for lunch at Kho Muong Village.

The Road To Son Ba Muoi Village

Which kind of motorbike should you ride?

We have automatic (scooter) and manual (gear). If you are used to riding scooter, you can take it but I do not encourage you to ride this kind if you have not much experience because the road in Pu Luong is some most steeps such as road No 1 I have listed above. When you ride manual motorbike, it is stronger so this mean safer if you have a logical riding. Now, in Pu Luong have not much motorbike rental service so you can book us in advance so that we can arrange the best one for you to avoid fully booked on weekend.

Pu Luong Motorbike Rental Service

Automatic (scooter) and manual (gear) Motorbikes


Come to our service, we make sure that: the quality of the motorbike and your experience is always our top priority. Therefore, we have a flexible price for you such as for half of day, 1 day, 2 days and how many member do your group have?… The price is from 7$ to 10$. We willing to serve you at your hotel no matter where you are in Pu Luong, we will take motorbike to you. Even we know that the road is quite far and hard to ride. If you want a motorbike tour at Pu Luong, you can support us and share our service to your friends.

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