Pu Luong Trekking Tour 5 days 4 nights

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  • May 31, 2019

If travelling in a car to a place is too simple for your taste, Pu Luong trekking tour 5 days 4 nights is your best bet. You can experience the beauty of Vietnam on foot with the best tour in Vietnam. There are many common places in Vietnam that can be visited via car. However, the best beauty lies on foot. Where nature dominates the scene, where people still use cultural techniques for everything. A place that is still untouched by unforgiving technology. Away from the world where everything is for sale.

This trekking tour in Pu Luong will take you to stilt houses, rice fields, and warm hearted people. We are eager to introduce you to NgọcSơn-NgổLuông nature reserve, a wild place in HoaBinh.Coming here, you can experience the togetherness of the people. Their culture, food, and hospitality make this trip worth every drop of sweat you spend trekking to them.


Day 1 : Trek to explore terraced fields in Eo Kén

Trekking time: 2 hours. Level medium

Day 2: Trek 17km to visit Kho Muong village

Trekking time: 7 hours. Level medium

Day 3: Trek to explore waterwheels in Chieng lau Village, Tien Moi Village and visit Hieu waterfall.

Trekking time 5 hours. Level easy

Day 4 :  Trek through the forest towards Ngổ Luông forest, visit Mu waterfall (Overnight in Mu waterfall)

Trekking time 4 hours. Level medium

Day 5: Drive back to Hanoi

Please reach out to us before you plan your trip. We shall offer you the best tour in Vietnam, that too in just 5 days and 4 nights. Call us for more queries.